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Shirkey unveils Senate Republican priorities

LANSING—Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey, R-Clarklake, today unveiled the Senate Republican Caucus priorities ahead of Gov. Whitmer’s State of the State address.

“The Senate Republicans believe every Michigander deserves the opportunity to live and prosper in a safe, healthy community. Senate Republicans are committed to building on opportunities to give Michigan families and communities greater peace of mind about the future,” said Shirkey.

Sen. Kim LaSata, R-Bainbridge Township, Sen. Roger Victory, R-Hudsonville, and Sen. Dan Lauwers, R-Brockway Township, spearheaded the effort to survey their fellow caucus members about what senators are hearing from constituents in their districts.  “The 20 members of our caucus represent a variety of communities and constituents with different needs and concerns, but the one thing they all have in common is a desire for a healthier Michigan across all aspects of life in our state,” said Shirkey.

The Senate Republicans coalesced around three broad categories: Healthier Families and Communities, a Healthier Economy, and Building a Healthier Future. The Senate Republicans identified helping to protect Michiganders against COVID-19, protecting the lives and livelihoods of all Michigan families, and getting students back on track as some of the top issues facing their constituents and what’s top of their minds as they start the 101st session of the Michigan Legislature.

“Over the past several months, our citizens have endured confusing and oppressive orders from the governor. The result is a failed vaccination plan for Michigan; closure policies that jeopardize the lives and livelihoods of hardworking families; and, students that are at risk of falling behind. It’s unacceptable. The Senate Republicans are committed to doing better and prioritizing the health of our families and communities, our economy, and our future,” said Shirkey.

The list of priorities includes 19 items that range from promoting economic freedom for hardworking taxpayers to ensuring confidence in elections. The list of priorities builds upon the work done by the caucus over the past several months to support citizens and job providers struggling to make ends meet because of the governor’s restrictive policies.

To date, the Senate Republicans have dedicated nearly $4 billion to combat COVID-19 and the economic impact of Gov. Whitmer’s shutdowns. Those funds have been used to support local schools, workers, and businesses. The Senate Republicans’ COVID-19 relief plan provided grants to out-of-work Michiganders and businesses disproportionately impacted by the governor’s closure orders; ensured storage and delivery of Michigan’s vaccine supply; helped hospitals and nursing homes hire more nurses to care for the sick; and, increased pay for direct care workers.

“The Senate Republicans know that Michigan will emerge from this pandemic and we are committed to pursuing policies that contribute to a healthier Michigan overall. We know Michiganders are concerned about the long-term impact of the governor’s policies and the pandemic on their loved ones and neighbors. We share their concerns, and we are committed to making sure they have the opportunity to follow their individual purpose and prosper in our state,” said Shirkey.

Note: This release includes the Senate Republicans 2021 Priorities: A Healthier Michigan document.