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Shirkey to Biden: Help Infrastructure, Halt Efforts to Shut Down Line 5

Lansing, Mich. — In light of President Biden’s visit to the Operating Engineers 324’s training center in Howell today, Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey urged the president to prioritize Line 5, a critical energy and infrastructure issue facing Michigan.

“Michigan can’t afford the kind of political game-playing Democrats have waged with Line 5,” Shirkey said. “Along with hobbling our manufacturing and business economy, a shutdown of Line 5 would cost thousands of Michiganders their jobs. I hope in his pursuit of improved infrastructure, President Biden will prevail with Gov. Whitmer where the Legislature and reason has not.”

The construction of a safer, more efficient Line 5 underground tunnel languishes in a legal effort to shut down the pipeline spearheaded by Gov. Gretchen Whitmer and her attorney general, Dana Nessel. It has been well-documented that shutting down Line 5 will disrupt everyday activities for Michigan families, business productivity, and manufacturing and agricultural industries.

Thus far, the Whitmer Administration has failed to propose a viable alternative to the Line 5 tunnel.