Shirkey issues statement regarding proposed PFAS rule

LANSING—Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey, R-Clarklake, issued the following statement regarding development of a state PFAS standard:

“Michigan leads the nation in assessing and mapping water sources for the presence of PFAS. Our citizens deserve certainty regarding their water supplies and the state has acted quickly to measure and identify areas where PFAS related chemicals are present. Additionally, the state has helped facilitate actions intended to ensure access to safe drinking water for citizens in areas where questionable levels of the chemical were identified. Going forward, it is imperative that government rely on scientific research and facts to establish standards for drinking water.

The Governor’s proposed rule will be vetted and scrutinized by the Senate and will be subject to the regular rule-making process. The Senate has worked diligently to fund efforts to assess and mitigate the impact of PFAS and my colleagues and I remain committed to pursuing science-based standards to protect the health and safety of our constituents.”