Shirkey issues statement on HCR 1

LANSING—Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey, R-Clarklake, issued the following statement on the Senate’s adoption of House Concurrent Resolution 1 to reject Executive Order 2019-02:

“Senate Republicans voted Thursday to protect Michiganders from overzealous bureaucrats. We are adamant that citizens have access to an avenue through which they can appeal decisions that affect their personal property and, in many instances, their ability to earn a living.

Just last year, my colleagues and I supported legislation to create commissions within the Department of Environmental Quality where citizens can seek review of permit outcomes and department rules. We also created a Science Advisory Board to ensure the state is relying on current science when making decisions intended to protect our environment and our Great Lakes. Prior to the creation of the commissions, citizens were limited to pursuing costly legal action in order to challenge rulings made by the DEQ.

In 2002, then Representative Whitmer co-sponsored House Bill 5685 to create a seven-member environmental quality commission with full oversight powers of the DEQ. Like our caucus, the Governor saw the value in creating oversight of bureaucracy, especially when decisions made by that bureaucracy have a lasting impact on the lives and property of many Michiganders.

My colleagues and I are committed to protecting the natural resources of our state and the health and safety of our neighbors and communities. We are also committed to protecting the rights of citizens and the ability of citizens to defend their rights without having to incur exorbitant legal bills to assert themselves against the overreach of government bureaucracy.

Protecting our drinking water, our environment and our rights are priorities for us all. I welcome the opportunity to meet with our Governor and come up with a new plan for achieving our joint goals.”