Shirkey issues statement on appointment disapproval

LANSING—Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey, R-Clarklake, today issued the following statement on the disapproval by the Michigan Senate of Governor Whitmer’s appointee to the Natural Resources Commission.

“Today, the Senate Republicans acted on behalf of the people of Michigan in rejecting Governor Whitmer’s appointee to the Natural Resources Commission. As we all know, sometimes what looks good on paper is not good enough.

As part of the appointments process, the Senate Advice and Consent Committee reviews the credentials of a prospective appointee and conducts hearings to evaluate the individual. While the committee was presented with an impressive resume, the candidate in question did not perform as expected in the interview process of the committee hearing. Simply put, the Senate Republicans think the citizens of Michigan deserve more.

The Natural Resources Commission is an important body in our state and one that makes significant policy decisions that impact people throughout Michigan. It is important to the Senate Republicans that we have full faith in those appointed to the commission to carry out the duties and execute the responsibilities of the appointment.

The Senate will continue to embrace our responsibilities as part of the Advice and Consent process to thoroughly scrutinize each appointee to ensure the best possible women and men are selected to serve the citizens of our state.”