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Shirkey issues statement in response to Governor’s latest order

LANSING—Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey, R-Clarklake, tonight issued the following statement in response to Governor Whitmer’s DHHS order:

“The Governor could hardly wait to attempt an end-run around the Supreme Court.  The Senate Republicans made public our desire to return to shared government and work together to keep our citizens safe and our state productive.  Unfortunately, the Governor has made it clear she has no intention of working with her legislative partners and couldn’t care less about the Court’s ruling.

The Senate Republicans have proven time and again to be capable of genuine partnership with the passage of the bipartisan ‘Return to Learn’ legislation and, most recently, the passage of a bipartisan state budget.  Today’s order from the Department of Health and Human Services is further evidence of the Whitmer administration’s inability to even contemplate working together.  It seems the desire to perpetuate unilateral government is irresistible.

We are dismayed by Governor Whitmer’s blatant disregard to hear from the representatives of all Michiganders before issuing new orders. No one body or individual has a corner on the market of ‘best ideas.’

The threat of COVID is real.  The best way to help keep our citizens safe and our state productive is for the legislature and the Governor to work together to forge a path forward.  The Supreme Court intends for us to work together. It’s too bad Governor Whitmer isn’t listening,” said Shirkey.