Shirkey issues statement following conclusion of senate investigation

LANSING—Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey, R-Clarklake, today issued the following statement upon the release of findings from the Senate Business Office investigation into allegations made against Sen. Peter Lucido, R-Shelby Township.

“In January, I directed the Senate to retain outside counsel to lead an investigation into several allegations made against Senator Lucido. Outside counsel and the Senate Business Office undertook a thorough and exhaustive investigation into allegations made against the senator and found the senator’s conduct to be ‘inappropriate workplace behavior.’

As a result of the conclusions reached by that fact-finding effort, I have made the decision to remove Senator Lucido from the Michigan Senate Advice and Consent Committee. Furthermore, Senator Lucido will be required to participate in additional training.

We place a high priority on ensuring the senate is a safe work environment. We endeavor to foster a culture where senators, staff, and members of the public feel comfortable and secure to interact with one another, free from inappropriate behavior. We have a responsibility to be aware of how our words and actions are received, regardless of intent or interpretation.

We take accusations of inappropriate behavior in the workplace very seriously. It is my sincere hope that this experience will help serve as motivation for us all to do better and be better in our personal interactions and our public discourse.

The Senate will release a summary of the findings to provide the public with an overview of the scope of the investigation and the effort undertaken to ensure a fair and thorough process. In the coming weeks, the Senate will announce a bipartisan workgroup comprised of senators and staff to review our current policies and offer possible suggestions for improvement.

Personally, I want to express my sincere appreciation to the individuals who participated in the investigation. In the spirit of continuous improvement, their willingness to share their experiences has helped ensure a comprehensive and impartial process from which we will all benefit,” said Shirkey.

Note: Cover Letter and Summary Memo included with this release.