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Shirkey issues statement after Gov. Whitmer vetoes $220 million for unemployed workers

LANSING—Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey, R-Clarklake, issued the following statement after Gov. Whitmer vetoed $220 million for unemployed workers:

“Gov. Whitmer vetoed hundreds of millions of dollars in unemployment benefits at a time when Michiganders need it most. That money would have gone directly into the pockets of workers, many who are unemployed as a result of the governor’s shutdowns. Unemployment benefits cannot be extended without those funds.”

“Those dollars would have extended unemployment benefits without placing additional costs on Michigan businesses already struggling to stay afloat under Gov. Whitmer’s closure polices.”

“The bill was passed with votes from Republicans and Democrats in the legislature who understand Michigan families are struggling and in need of our support. Gov. Whitmer eliminated that support today with her veto pen and dealt another blow to Michiganders just struggling to get by,” said Shirkey.


Note: Senate Bill 604 states, “…(d) does not take effect unless $220,000,000.00 or more is appropriated as provided for in Senate Bill No. 748 of the 100th Legislature for deposit into the unemployment compensation fund to cover the extension of benefits.”

The complete text of Senate Bill 604 is available via,