Shirkey and Alexander applaud $3.7M in funding for road repairs in Jackson County

LANSING, Mich.Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey and Rep. Julie Alexander on Thursday praised the recent state budget awarding much-needed funding for road repairs in Jackson County.

“I am delighted that the heart of the community in which I grew up will be receiving this funding,” said Shirkey, R-Clarklake. “I know just how important this money is to make necessary repairs to improve the safety on these roads and ease the wear and tear on vehicles. This is a great start to improved road transportation in the area.”

From the funds appropriated in the recently passed supplemental spending bill, $3.7 million will be awarded for road repairs between Francis Street and US-127 in Jackson County.

Alexander noted the importance of the money being awarded.

“With record funding in place there are still many road repair challenges we need to address in our Jackson community,” said Alexander, R-Hanover. “This additional allocation will assist in a major thoroughfare used by many in our community.”