Senate leaders announce committees

LANSING—Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey, R-Clarklake, and Senate Minority Leader Jim Ananich, D-Flint, today announced senate standing committee and appropriations subcommittee members.

“We expect the committee process to be deliberative and thorough.  We look forward to robust policy debates and bipartisan work product, where possible,” reiterated Sen. Shirkey.  We’ve done our best to partner senators with the issue areas where they have interest, expertise, and passion. I know my colleagues are eager to get to work” said Sen. Shirkey.

“Committees are the front lines for making Michigan a better place than we found it,” Sen. Ananich said.  “We are ready to get to work. The incoming class of senators has a wide range of professional experience that they bring to the table, experience that makes them real-life experts on their given committees. Our constituents expect us to work together on their behalf, and I anticipate many opportunities for bipartisanship and progress this term.”

Committees are listed below:

Standing Committees

Advice and Consent—Sen. Lucido (Chair), Sen. LaSata (Vice Chair), Sen. Nesbitt, Sen. McBroom, Sen. Hertel

Agriculture–Sen. Daley (Chair), Sen. Victory (Vice Chair), Sen. Lauwers, Sen. Ananich (Minority Vice Chair), Sen. Polehanki

Economic and Small Business Development—Sen. Horn (Chair), Sen. VanderWall (Vice Chair), Sen. MacGregor, Sen. Theis, Sen. Lauwers, Sen. Schmidt, Sen. McMorrow (Minority Vice Chair), Sen. Geiss, Sen. Moss

Education and Career Readiness—Sen. Theis (Chair), Sen. Horn (Vice Chair), Sen. Bumstead, Sen. Runestad, Sen. Daley, Sen. Polehanki (Minority Vice Chair), Sen. Geiss

Elections—Sen. Johnson (Chair), Sen. McBroom (Vice Chair), Sen. Lucido, Sen. VanderWall, Sen. Wojno

Energy and Technology—Sen. Lauwers (Chair), Sen. Horn (Vice Chair), Sen. LaSata, Sen. Nesbitt, Sen. Barrett, Sen. Bumstead, Sen. Outman, Sen. McCann (Minority Vice Chair), Sen. Brinks, Sen. McMorrow

Environmental Quality—Sen. Outman (Chair), Sen. Daley (Vice Chair), Sen. Johnson, Sen. VanderWall, Sen. McBroom, Sen. Bayer (Minority Vice Chair), Sen. Brinks

Families, Seniors, and Veterans—Sen. Bizon (Chair), Sen. Barrett (Vice Chair), Sen. Runestad, Sen. Johnson, Sen. Zorn, Sen. Bullock (Minority Vice Chair), Sen. Alexander

Finance—Sen. Runestad (Chair), Sen. Nesbitt (Vice Chair), Sen. Daley, Sen. Bumstead, Sen. VanderWall, Sen. Chang (Minority Vice Chair), Sen. Alexander

Government Operations—Sen. Shirkey (Chair), Sen. Lauwers, Sen. Nesbitt, Sen. Ananich (Minority Vice Chair), Sen. Chang

Health Policy and Human Services—Sen. VanderWall (Chair), Sen. Bizon (Vice Chair), Sen. Johnson, Sen. LaSata, Sen. MacDonald, Sen. Theis, Sen. Brinks (Minority Vice Chair), Sen. Hertel, Sen. Santana, Sen. Wojno

Insurance and Banking—Sen. Theis (Chair), Sen. Lauwers (Vice Chair), Sen. LaSata, Sen. Nesbitt, Sen. Daley, Sen. Barrett, Sen. Horn, Sen. Geiss (Minority Vice Chair), Sen. Bullock, Sen. McMorrow

JCAR—Sen. Lucido (Chair), Sen. McBroom (Vice Chair), Sen. Theis, Sen. Hollier (Minority Vice Chair), Sen. Irwin

Judiciary and Public Safety—Sen. Lucido (Chair), Sen. VanderWall (Vice Chair), Sen. Barrett, Sen. Johnson, Sen. Runestad, Sen. Chang (Minority Vice Chair), Sen. Irwin

Local Government—Sen. Zorn (Chair), Sen. Johnson (Vice Chair), Sen. Daley, Sen. Alexander (Minority Vice Chair), Sen. Moss

Natural Resources—Sen. McBroom (Chair), Sen. Bumstead (Vice Chair), Sen. Outman, Sen. Schmidt, Sen. McCann

Oversight—Sen. McBroom (Chair), Sen. Lucido (Vice Chair), Sen. Theis, Sen. MacDonald, Sen. Irwin

Regulatory Reform—Sen. Nesbitt (Chair), Sen. Theis (Vice Chair), Sen. Johnson, Sen. Lauwers, Sen. VanderWall, Sen. Zorn, Sen. Moss (Minority Vice Chair), Sen. Polehanki, Sen. Wojno

Transportation and Infrastructure—Sen. Barrett (Chair), Sen. LaSata (Vice Chair), Sen. McBroom, Sen. Victory, Sen. Outman, Sen. Lauwers, Sen. Geiss (Minority Vice Chair), Sen. Bullock, Sen. Hollier


Appropriations and Sub-Committees

Appropriations–Sen. Stamas (Chair), Sen. Bumstead (Vice Chair), Sen. Barrett, Sen. Bizon, Sen. LaSata, Sen. MacDonald, Sen. MacGregor, Sen. Nesbitt, Sen. Outman, Sen. Runestad, Sen. Schmidt, Sen. Victory, Sen. Zorn, Sen. Hertel (Minority Vice Chair), Sen. Bayer, Sen. Hollier, Sen. Irwin, Sen. McCann, Sen. Santana

Agriculture and Rural Development–Sen. Victory (Chair), Sen. Daley (Vice Chair), Sen. McCann

Capital Outlay—Sen. Horn (Chair), Sen. Outman (Vice Chair), Sen. Zorn, Sen. Runestad, Sen. Bizon, Sen. Schmidt, Sen. Santana (Minority Vice Chair), Sen. Hertel, Sen. McCann

Community Health/Human Services—Sen. MacGregor (Chair), Sen. Bizon (Vice Chair), Sen. Schmidt, Sen. LaSata, Sen. MacDonald, Sen. Barrett, Sen. Hertel (Minority Vice Chair), Sen. Irwin, Sen. Santana

General Government—Sen. Stamas(Chair), Sen. Victory (Vice Chair), Sen. Bumstead, Sen. Irwin

Justice and Public Safety—Sen. Barrett (Chair), Sen. Runestad (Vice Chair), Sen. Hollier

K-12 and Michigan Department of Education—Sen. Schmidt (Chair), Sen. Outman (Vice Chair), Sen. Bumstead, Sen. Daley, Sen. Bayer

Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA)—Sen. Nesbitt (Chair), Sen. MacDonald (Vice Chair), Sen. Santana

Natural Resources and Environmental Quality—Sen. Bumstead (Chair), Sen. Outman (Vice Chair), Sen. Victory, Sen. McCann (Minority Vice Chair), Sen. Bayer

Talent and Economic Development/MEDC—Sen. Horn (Chair), Sen. Schmidt (Vice Chair), Sen. Hollier

Transportation—Sen. Schmidt (Chair), Sen. Victory (Vice Chair), Sen. MacGregor, Sen. MacDonald, Sen. Zorn, Sen. Hollier (Minority Vice Chair), Sen. Bayer

Universities and Community Colleges—Sen. LaSata (Chair). Sen. Horn (Vice Chair), Sen. Bizon, Sen. MacDonald, Sen. Zorn, Sen. Irwin (Minority Vice Chair), Sen. Hertel