Sen. Shirkey ranks near top of economic freedom survey

LANSING, Mich. — A grassroots advocacy group, Americans for Prosperity, released their 2017 Economic Freedom Scorecard for Michigan legislators. Among the top-ranked senators is Mike Shirkey, R-Clarklake.

The scorecard uses voting records from key legislation of the previous year to calculate each senator’s commitment to standards of economic freedom.

Shirkey ranks fourth on the list, behind fellow Republican senators Patrick Colbeck, Judy Emmons and Joe Hune.

Among the 19 bills analyzed for the scorecard are two pieces of legislation introduced by Shirkey himself: Public Act 98 of 2017 (Senate Bill 249) and Senate Bill 541. PA 98 closed unfair loopholes that harmed charter schools and SB 541 would expand access to dental care services.

“I’m proud to be in the top five of Michigan’s most dedicated public servants to economic freedom,” Shirkey said. “Economic freedom is directly linked to personal freedom, and America has a tradition of respecting the individual and the sanctity of self-determination.”

Americans for Prosperity is a national grassroots organization dedicated to promoting the policies and goals of a free society. Among other principles, the organization advocates for limited government, low taxes and increased opportunities for work and achievement.

“I will continue to work for a freer, more prosperous Michigan,” Shirkey said. “It’s an honor and a blessing to wake up every morning and go to work for the people of Michigan with that goal in mind.”