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Michigan Senate Files Brief Opposing Catastrophic New COVID-19 OSHA Rules

Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey Speaks Out Against The Biden Administration’s Destructive Display Of Federal Overreach

Lansing, Mich. — Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey issued the following statement in light of the Michigan Senate and Michigan House’s decision to file a brief in support of a lawsuit filed by multiple states to stop implementation of the Biden Administration’s new COVID-related OSHA rules:

“This mandate from the federal government is the fastest way to make a bad situation worse. The comply-or-leave overtone of the new OSHA rules can only really do one thing, which is exacerbate a labor shortage crisis. 

“Healthcare workers are in desperate supply. Our energy security cannot afford to have linemen walk off the job. This federal overreach will exacerbate supply chain shortage, interrupt manufacturing production already way behind, destabilize our critical infrastructure and worsen the labor shortages across all industries. 

“Furthermore, this mandate pummels the small-to midsize- family businesses that managed to survive COVID and fuel our economy. They are just recovering. They don’t have the resources to build out the infrastructure this mandate requires — not on top of every other economic headwind they face. This mandate cannot continue. It is the death knell of the American Dream. 

“This catastrophic display of government overreach succeeds at one thing alone: Confirming that President Biden is ill-equipped to protect the American family and their economic interests. We will fight and we will not stop until this country is back on track to recovery.”

On Nov. 5, Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost, along with six other attorneys general, filed a lawsuit over President Joe Biden’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate for businesses over 100 people. The Michigan Legislature’s brief related to this case can be found in the attachment.