Home heating assistance is available for those in need

Winter is here, and that can mean harsh conditions and brutally cold temperatures. If you are struggling with winter heating bills, you can take a look at several assistance programs offered through the state, utility companies or charitable organizations.

First — and most important — it is key to know that there are ways to plan ahead to anticipate regular expenses like an energy bill. Then, if you find you are unexpectedly unable to pay your bill, contact the utility company immediately and discuss the situation. Being proactive could help keep the heat on and save you time and energy. You should also know in some areas there are non-government-related options for help.

Consumers Energy is the local utility committed to helping people who face hardships in paying energy bills this winter. Go to www.ConsumersEnergy.com/assistance for more information on resources that can help.

Also click here for Consumers Energy’s 2016-17 Consumers Energy Resource Guide.

We wish you a safe and happy Pure Michigan winter.